Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Abhinav and Raghav Aggarwal

Founder and Co-Founder of THE FLUID MOTION

TruTech is a team of passionate, expert and experienced programmers who provide path-breaking solutions on many different platforms including Windows, iPhone, Linux, Web, AMX and others. Their various products include a recruiting testing platform, online tutorial classes and The Fluid motion which helped them bag the Runners up place at the National finals of Microsoft Bizspark- a worldwide forum that honors innovation in technology.

Raghav spoke of his company and his dreams saying “Trutech Webs provides innovative software as service solutions to organizations in the education sphere. The company has innovated new web based software called the FRS which can be almost instantly deployed. One of the best things of the software is its inherent flexibility that it can be deployed for almost any educational institution ranging from preschools to full universities and even dance classes.”

Raghav has never known any world other than that of an entrepreneur. Where others may have explored their options, he was dead certain about his decision. Raghav explains “The thing is I have never really worked. After graduating from Mumbai University with a BMS degree in 2008 i went straight for my MBA at FMS Delhi. In the meantime I and my brother Abhinav had started a website called exampapersonline.com which was doing reasonably well. The idea was to return from the MBA and take up entrepreneurship full time, although the rapid growth and scale of our business forced me to quit the MBA within 3 months and get into the company full time.”


The Fluid Motion

Trutech boys – Abhinav and Raghav Aggarwal

Trutech, the umbrella under which they’re starting up with these ideas now has three main areas of working that include the LMS and ERP for education, iLiftOff, and now The Fluid Motion. The 20-member team works out of their new office in Mumbai, and is striving to manage the company’s diverse businesses.

The usage of The Fluid Motion’s offerings can be divided into 4 distinct categories.
The information application- It allows you to display information and pitch your product in any manner you want to, with a slideshow playing on the side. For example in hotels the customer can chart his route through the available hotel rooms, restaurant promotions and shops. Instead of going through timed  presentations on TV in the lobby, the customer can now choose what he or she wishes to see and with a simple hand gesture, can select and view information available in his area of interest. The info app can be used quite effectively in areas such as hospitality, retail and restaurants. An easy to modify back end allows administrators to easily update the application with the latest information and pictures.


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