Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The Fluid Motion

Trutech boys – Abhinav and Raghav Aggarwal

Trutech, the umbrella under which they’re starting up with these ideas now has three main areas of working that include the LMS and ERP for education, iLiftOff, and now The Fluid Motion. The 20-member team works out of their new office in Mumbai, and is striving to manage the company’s diverse businesses.

The usage of The Fluid Motion’s offerings can be divided into 4 distinct categories.
The information application- It allows you to display information and pitch your product in any manner you want to, with a slideshow playing on the side. For example in hotels the customer can chart his route through the available hotel rooms, restaurant promotions and shops. Instead of going through timed  presentations on TV in the lobby, the customer can now choose what he or she wishes to see and with a simple hand gesture, can select and view information available in his area of interest. The info app can be used quite effectively in areas such as hospitality, retail and restaurants. An easy to modify back end allows administrators to easily update the application with the latest information and pictures.

3-D application- This application allows you to interact with a 3-dimensional image , design or blueprint which is  rendered on the screen. It can recognize any gesture and can be programmed to react in any manner to any gesture. So you can use it to display a building’s rendering, a car’s interiors, play an instrument, use it in a school to help visualize concepts. Or you can choose a video, image or display and interact with it at a 3D level by zooming in and out, rotating it, exploring it from all angles or while displaying a potential use to your client.
Computer control boardroom application- Here a presenter can control his entire computer using gestures from a distance. The presenter can transition through the presentation with a flick of his hand rather than using a clicker or a keyboard. At a distance you can highlight any point on the presentation, extrapolate charts, and move to any slide within the presentation faster than ever.
The retail application- This can be used to see the entire portfolio of products, with a flick of hands. Here the user can go through the entire catalogue of items for a particular outlet or showroom . This app is particularly targeted at the luxury retail segment such as jewellers as well as car showrooms. It can also effectively be utilized by realty players to showcase their different properties etc.

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